Thursday, March 30, 2006


Look at the ladder... it melted right down the front of the van window. Omg...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

North Bay

So here I sit, in my hotel room in North Bay. They still have SNOW here!! 4 hour drive, and i could slowly watch the snow getting higher.. and higher. We have NONE in Peterborough, and there are still snow banks here higher than my van. I will post some pics tomorow.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I need to build

an outdoor aviary, for my babies. BeeP_BeeP needs to set up camp with his new female, and the BlackCheek needs some room to excercise and fatten up.

New addition!!

Ok here is our newest addition... A male Black Cheek Zebra finch. Isn't he AMAZING?

TV shows I miss...

CSI, Medium, Friends, Numb3rs and Las Vegas... the shows we watch now are excellent. But what about the shows we used to watch? Emergency! CHiPs, Whiz Kids, Love Boat, Fantasy Island... they were awsome. So when does a show go from good to gone? Who decides? God bless TV-Land :)


Wouldn't you know it. If there is somewhere James is NOT suppoed to go... you will find him there. This is a shot of James inside of an old fence, behind HolyCross Highschool... you can see the new fence on the right, and the old wire fence with the sign on it, to the left. Posted by Picasa


My beautiful wife taking a picture with the Canon Rebal EOS. I think she likes the Lumix better though... Posted by Picasa

Dog Tired!

Daphne needed to hitch a ride near the end. When your legs are only 3" long, an hours walk through the woods is like 4 hours! Posted by Picasa

A nice day for a walk

Well, today seemed like the perfect day for a nice walk in the backyard. The sun was out and Daphne was looking forward to it. Patti and I took Sandy and Duck out in the back woods with the cameras to take some nice spring pics.. James showed up just after we left, and made for nice company.... he's so funny :) Sandy was acting like it was her first time ever out!
We found some old cars and houses that broke down in old age.. made for some cool shots. Patti seems to really like taking pictures... and shes getting good too. She was using Dave's Canon Rebal EOS SLR, and I was using our new Lumix FZ20. What and incredible camera!